Creating the Silicon Tundra: Part 2


coffe meeting forum

    So, what is Forum? Forum is a presentation software that is altering the way we think about, attend or present meetings. The aspects of Forum cater to Presenters and Audience Members both separately and together. Forum seamlessly connects with or without the internet ensuring you have the ability to take advantage of more business opportunities when and where they happen. Forum creates its’ own network to give the user access anytime, anyplace. Built into Forum are tools that can engage your audience, help the presenter become a better presenter and an extensive screen sharing program. With any Wi-Fi enabled device, your audience can connect directly into the presentation. Your slides will be projected without cords or wires to their device.

Forum has specialized features that will attract and engage your audience. The first of which is the Polling feature. On any slide during a presentation a poll can be added to ask your audience a Yes or No Question or a Multiple-Choice Question. This gives you not only insight into the effectiveness of your presentation, but it also holds your audience’s attention. The poll will automatically populate on the slide of your choice and show the results in real-time. Another feature of Forum is Contact Sharing. With this feature, the presenter will never leave a meeting without their audience’s information. If your audience wants to leave you a personalized, private message. This will ensure that you are ending your presentation with a connection to impact your audience. The added bonus is that Forum saves all the information directly to the software. The next feature, Fielding Questions, allows your audience to discreetly ask questions throughout the duration of your Forum presentation. As the presenter, you can view what people are having questions about and can alter your presentation for the future. Throughout your presentation, you can also make other content available for your audience to view and download in a feature called Downloadable Content. This content can be any file type from a business card to a flyer.

As a presenter, you have several features that are tailored directly for your benefit. First, you can control your presentation from other devices with a feature called Presenter Control or Multi-Screen Presenting. For example, if you had more than one presenter, each person has the capability to change slides, insert notes in real-time, add polls and monitor questions all while the presentation is active. This is one of the most valuable features of Forum because you can use your phone or tablet as a ‘clicker’ or have one presenter strictly watching for questions from the audience. Speaking of the Fielding Questions feature, the presenter has the ability to answer the questions verbally during the presentation. After the presentation is completed, the questions are saved to Forum for later viewing. The Contact Sharing feature has benefit to the presenter because all your contacts are now saved in one space with the date your received them and potentially a short message. All of these features will engage your audience like no other presentation software has before with the best part being Connectivity. Your audience will seamlessly connect to Forum and your presentation. The only thing a presenter needs to do is make alluring slides and engage verbally, Forum does the rest.

Forum Live is one of the best features of Forum because it is screen sharing technology built into the software. The presenter can share any program on their screen directly to their audiences’ phone or device. You can premiere exclusive content or use a program that your audience members don’t have to download. Anything that can be viewed on your desktop can streamed to your audience.

Over all, Forum is the all-in-one solution to any presenting needs. A presenter will engage with their audience better, have their audiences contact information saved and have any connectivity issued solved. Remember to connect with us on social media to Stay inFORUMed of all things Fasetto.

Written by: Fasetto employee Madison Basarich

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