Creating the Silicon Tundra

Anyone interested in innovative technology knows Silicon Valley is the mecca for advancement in the field. In the Bay Area of San Francisco, many large tech firms are housed and headquartered. Firms like Facebook, Google Inc. and Apple Inc., have built this Valley from the ground up and reigned supreme in the tech industry. But, what does it take to become a tech giant in other parts of the country?


In a small port city in Wisconsin, the Silicon Tundra was born. Superior, Wisconsin, has become an up-and-coming technology hub where Fasetto, Inc. has

headquartered. Fasetto has quickly established itself as a powerful tech start-up. Through the duration of its’ life, Fasetto has engineered several products, the latest of which is called Forum. The CEO, a charismatic and driven entrepreneur, Coy Christmas has carefully molded and shaped Fasetto’s brand and company. Attempting to build a new “Silicon Valley” in the Midwest is a huge undertaking but Christmas was prepared to tackle the challenge.

What makes Christmas different from the rest of the moguls? Christmas has changed the way that people are viewing personalized, groundbreaking technology. He thrives on the creative input and output from all his employees. Everyone has an opportunity to let their ideas be heard and be as inspired as they can be for the company. This sets Fasetto apart from the other tech companies because working at a start-up, the employees can consult in any department that needs help. This ensures that our entire company is a collaborative space where each person is valued for what they can bring to the table and is encouraged to do so daily.

Viewing tech differently is a foundation of our companies’ value, and it is how we will build Silicon Tundra into a tech giant. By utilizing each one of our employee’s unique skillset, we are creating an environment of outspoken employees who will further migrate our company into the spotlight. The Silicon Tundra will be built on this disruption of the standard business practice. Fasetto wants to assert itself as an innovator in the field. Forum is just one-stepping stone in the domination of tech in the Midwest. The rest of the Midwest tech companies in Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa and Missouri comprise the Silicon Prairie. Three years ago, the Silicon Prairie was overrun with entrepreneurs fleeing the traditional for something more unconventional. Christmas hopes that the same thing will happen with the Silicon Tundra. That start-ups and entrepreneurs will flock to Northern Wisconsin and Minnesota to build their brand differently. Starting a business in a place that isn’t saturated with other technology companies is daunting; however, it gives Christmas the freedom he needs to mold his brand and business to fit his needs as well as the needs of the community.

Creating this from the ground up takes a village, and Fasetto (along with Christmas) does not want this aspect to fall to the wayside. Not only does he want his employees to feel a sense of community at work, but he also wants the community to feel Fasetto is an ingrained, active member. This aspect of business is often neglected, and it’s where Christmas wants Fasetto to stand out from the crowd.

With these differences, Fasetto is truly changing the field. However, these don’t come without challenge. Building a new venture from the ground up takes time, hard work and trust. Christmas, being the ambitious entrepreneur, has taken this challenge head on. He has worked tirelessly to build a successful team. The foundation of his company fell on a few select employees, most of whom are still with Fasetto today. The trust that he has in his employees is insignificant compared to the trust his employees have within him. His employees feel the confidence he exudes. When it comes down to it, people believe in Coy Christmas and have followed many, if not all, of his previous successful ventures. Christmas continuously finds ways to succeed and preserver against all odds. His driving force is always believing that he will win, and he pushes forward until he and his team will win. He drives his team to do better, which Fasetto will succeed. Fasetto’s employees owe it to Christmas to do so.

However, there are challenges that Fasetto faces in Superior, Wisconsin. The biggest of these challenges are finding employees. Superior has a small market of qualified coding professionals. Because of how large Silicon Valley remains, coders often find themselves migrating to California or larger cities, in general. Being able to find these types of employees has been an obstacle, but not one of unconquerable feats. Fasetto has hand-picked a team of adept coders who have brought Forum to life.

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Written by Madison Basarich

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