The Top Tech Devices for Kids

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The ongoing parental debate around kids and technology is never ending. We know for a fact that excessive screen time for kids has negative impacts on their abilities for paying attention or even recognizing human emotion.  Yet, we also know as parents that screens can have some benefits, too, like being able to have an adult conversation when you’re all out for dinner.

Wherever you are on managing the screen habits for your kids, certain companies are cognizant of these issues and have created specific services or devices that can help keep your kids from turning into full-on “Screenagers.”

Here’s a list of devices a little bit better suited for those beautiful, loud and wonderful youngsters.

ASUS Zenfone 3 Max

ASUS Zenfone 3 Max

The ASUS Zenfone 3 Max checks all of those boxes and then some when considering a device for your child. Priced at less than $130 this is a great looking phone and won’t break the bank.

The Zenfone also features a “KidsMode,” which not only puts the phone into a kid-friendly and easy-to-use UI, it gives parents the ability setup safe and controlled access to the phone’s features and apps. At least it will block those annoying “Annoying Orange” videos from YT.

The phone includes a durable metal body that when paired with a kid-friendly phone case (like the colorful Mama Mouth) it will surely handle all the drops that happen when kids meet technology. The huge 4100mAh battery is long lasting and great for endless videos and mobile games that will end up being the majority of this phones duties.

Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids

Amazon Fire HD 8

If you have younger kids, a kid-friendly tablet or smartwatch may be far more practical for your needs rather than a smartphone.

You might consider a tablet like the Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition for games and videos and the LG GizmoPal 2 if you’re looking to stay in direct contact or literally track your child.

Amazon’s Fire Kid’s Edition has been marketed as the go-to tablet for children since its first release. It includes everything parents would want: a kid-proof case, parental controls, kid-safe browser, kid-friendly UI and Amazon’s all-in-one subscription called “FreeTime Unlimited.” FreeTime Unlimited brings together over 15,000 e-books, movies, TV shows, educational apps, and games created completely for kids.

Lenovo Tab 4

Android Tablets for Gaming Kids

As great as the Amazon Fire Kids Edition is, an Android-based tablet has way more apps and games available to it and is better suited for an older child who is dying to play a specific game or app that is simply not available in the Amazon App Store. Having a dedicated kids account on a Lenovo Tab 4 is a great choice because of its price. It features curated kid’s content and a browser that allows parents to limit the browsing to only a few websites as well as scheduling tools that limit daily use.


Gizmopal 2

GizmoPal 2 Tracking Smartwatch

The GizmoPal 2 is a kid-friendly, durable and water-resistant smartwatch that allows kids to call up to four predetermined numbers. It also has a built-in GPS, that might give some parents peace-of-mind knowing where their child is at all times.

GizmoHub also features an app to install on parents’ phones to view their child’s location as well as set location boundaries. The watch sends notifications if it is going outside any designated areas. Since it’s attached at the wrist, a smartwatch is much harder to lose, drop or damage then a cell phone so it’s perfect for little ones.

Nintendo Switch for Gamers

Nintendo SwitchFor a far more robust gaming experience, you are going to need a dedicated gaming system. With no comparison, the Nintendo Switch is the best family-friendly gaming system available. Family-friendly games are hard to come by on the Xbox and PlayStation consoles and this is where Nintendo steals the show. Nintendo has released hit after hit within the last year with everything from Mario Odyssey to Splatoon 2.

The Switch eliminates the need for both a home console as well as a mobile gaming device. In just a snap you can detach the Switch from the home dock that connects to the TV and can play incredible HD games on the go. In another snap, the controllers detach from the mobile device for local two-player so they can play with a friend or sibling.


The ultra-portable computer, LINK is made to connect your digital world. With LINK, you can easily store, share and enjoy all of your child’s favorite e-books, movies, TV shows, and music on any device, anywhere, anytime. LINK is able to stream to multiple devices at one time, so, your child and all of her friends packed into the mini-van are able to watch or listen to all of your purchased digital content.

To find out more about the ultra-portable computer that is LINK and its current capabilities, visit CES.LINK.

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